• Connecting with a new generation of parents

    1. Les Enphants

Les Enphants is Taiwan’s largest retailer of children’s wear and accessories, and they understand the transition to parenthood can be tough. That is why they are helping young parents learn the ropes of parenting in their experience center—teaching parents about proper infant care, and giving them an opportunity to experience a wide range of products. 


DDG joined Les Enphants on their journey to better connect with a new generation of parents. Our team led the initiative to refresh their visual identity and guide the brand in a new direction—presenting Taiwan’s most established children’s wear retailer in a way that resonates with modern parents.

Brand Strategy

Aligning with millennial values

Les Enphants is supporting today’s forward-thinking parents with products and services that align with their values. Our team developed a strategy to help Les Enphants strengthen and build this reputation, and close the gap between the brand and millennial parents—positioning Les Enphants as the go-to source for high-quality products.

Brand Identity

A fresh look for fresh parents 

Les Enphants appeals to younger, more quality-conscience parents. DDG worked closely with Les Enphants to develop a refreshing new brand identity that better reflected their long-standing values. The friendly, lively new Les Enphants identity invites an established brand into the modern era of retail. 

A lifestyle brand for young families

Les Enphants aims to transform the retail experience for millennial parents. The launch of their first experience-driven concept store in Taipei brings the brand closer to becoming a lifestyle brand as they continue to expand across Taiwan and Mainland China. Les Enphants is committed to connecting with young parents as they experience parenthood for themselves—we look forward to watching them grow!

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