• Leading Taiwan’s artisanal coffee movement

    1. Louisa Coffee

Louisa is building enthusiasm for high-quality coffee and providing an experience that caters to the coffee connoisseur in all of us. Louisa is promoting coffee culture throughout Taiwan—and is now Taiwan’s largest coffee chain.


DDG collaborated with Louisa to brew a distinctive new identity that would champion the artisanal coffee movement in Taiwan. DDG developed a design strategy and fresh retail approach to help push Louisa in a bold new direction. 


Our challenge was differentiating Louisa from the throngs of coffee shops throughout Taiwan. Louisa needed something unique, intense, and dramatic. So we took Louisa beyond their original objectives and transformed the ‘Louisa’ of Louisa Coffee into a powerful icon that immediately draws attention to their stores.

Design Strategy

Big change, big impact

Louisa stands out. We knew that in order to shine a brighter light on Louisa, minor tweaks to their identity wouldn’t be enough—they would need to undergo a radical transformation. So that’s what we did. With a new layout approach, minimalist design aesthetic, typographic overhaul, and a dramatic new logo, Louisa is establishing itself as the go-to choice for excellent coffee.

Brand Identity

Simple and memorable

Louisa is striving to make exceptional coffee more accessible. DDG encouraged Louisa to adopt a simplified yet sophisticated identity to make a profound impact in the Taiwan market. The new minimalist identity—lead by a remarkable new logo—complements an overall improved brand experience with limited distractions and renewed focus on quality and simplicity.

Louisa takes Taiwan

The Louisa icon is a familiar symbol of great-tasting coffee in Taiwan. Each store offers customers a distinctly ‘Louisa-feel’, guaranteeing a consistently outstanding coffee-drinking experience. They have surpassed the competition to become Taiwan’s number-one homegrown coffee chain, with over 100 new locations opening in just the last two years. As the new leaders of the artisanal coffee movement in Taiwan, Louisa is ready to bring extraordinary coffee experiences to the rest of Asia—and maybe even the world.

Brand Identity
Design Strategy
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