• Building a brand the world can rely on

    1. CTCI

Experts in everything technically challenging, CTCI delivers large-scale engineering and construction projects that power industry and drive economies forward. A respected services provider to major corporations and national governments, CTCI is showing the world what it means to be reliable.


DDG partnered with CTCI to build a globally recognizable brand. Our team built an extensive communications platform and a cohesive identity, designed to help the world discover CTCI. 


CTCI has extensive experience performing massive projects with outstanding safety, efficiency and professionalism—our challenge was finding the best way to communicate this. We needed an idea that would ring true for 22 subsidiaries, and could transform an impressive company into a powerful brand. That idea was reliability.

Brand Strategy

Discover reliable

With a well-established domestic reputation for reliability in Taiwan, CTCI was ready to prove the same to the world. We developed external and internal brand strategies to build an even stronger reputation for reliability for an already highly successful company.

Brand Identity

Safe and reliable

For CTCI, being ‘reliable’ means going the extra mile to ensure each project is safely completed on time and to the highest standard. DDG knew that the company’s values—professionalism, integrity, teamwork, and innovation—would need to be deeply embedded In the brand's new identity. So we strategically chose colors, design elements and communications that boldly reinforce CTCI’s commitment to these ideals.

Digital Experience

Getting a feel for reliable

CTCI is undertaking technically challenging projects all over the world. To demonstrate this, we built digital platforms that allow visitors to delve deep into the company’s projects and offerings. From websites to internal brand campaign videos, we give audiences access to one of the world’s most reliable engineering services companies.

Discovering global possibilities

The launch of the new CTCI brand made local and industry headlines. The company and its twenty-two subsidiaries have come together under a single brand—reinforcing CTCI’s image as a world-class leader in engineering technology and services. Ranked in the top 100 of global engineering firms, and with international projects accounting for more than half of total revenue, CTCI has built a brand worthy of respect and confidence. We can’t wait to discover what CTCI will achieve next.

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